I am Nancy, a psychic healer, and welcome to my webpage. 

 I am Norwegian and will turn 55 in May. I live in Sandnes, a town in the southwest of Norway, near Stavanger, the "oil capital" of the country. I have worked in the oil industry for about 30 years. This is my "day job" but my true passion is psychic healing and helping others to transform their lives.                                                                    

Like me, my parents were also clairvoyant. My father, originally from the north of Sweden, was from the Sami culture with its rich history. He "knew" things and had dreams of when people were getting ready to pass over.  My mother was from Norway like me, and she had many psychic gifts. She could connect with spirit on the other side and also had precognitive visions, and channeled messages. She was also able to read fortunes in coffee cups.                                        

I knew that studying different psychic modalities was important for my learning path. I have deeply studied healing methods using Tarot, mediumship, clairvoyance, and other therapies. I have now come to the point that trusting the universal force and the power of the Spirit works the best for me and my clients. My goal in working with you is to bring closure and healing to your soul. My clients feedback is that my healings are powerful and releasing. My main focus is breaking and helping with generational issues, that we know causes both physical and psychological ailments.

I also want to mention that there are very challenging times now, and many people are quite confused, scared  and lack clarity about how they should get by. For some it feels like they are in this "survival-mode", and it might also be that people around you don't even know how you really feel.  If you sense that a session with me would benefit you in some way, don't hesitate to make a connection or contact me. My sessions can be both healing and reading, or just one of them, this will be agreed upon.

As a spiritual advisor I am continuously  working on developing my mediumship and  readings by studying, and for the time being I am with Richard Knight's Academy with plans to be certified within a few months.     

I will be looking for practice volunteers in the next few months, so, if you are interested, leave your name and I will follow up when I am ready. You can either e-mail me via this page, or via Facebook / Instagram.

Best wishes and hugs, Nancy.