Automatic writing


After I began the course with Richard Knight I finally dared to trust the force and the spirit world. And actually connect and be able to let the spirit write messages on the paper I had in front of me, relaxing and coming into a kind of trance, and let the pencil start working. That was and still is a strong experience, very emotional, especially since the spirit that came through was my mother. I asked who it was and if there was a message, and she started to draw the infinity sign, and also the word love. My tears poured out, like it was a kind of force from beyond, not sure if it was mine or my mothers sorrow that came through. I asked  Richard Knight about this and he said that when you begin this journey and work with these things and spirits great healing can happen for or on yourself. A strong and beautiful experience that I will continue on and help others heal and transform their lives. 

We are not alone.